How Men Style Printed T-shirts

We’ve all seen an increasing amount of printed tees in Men’s street style lately. The printed tee is having a moment of glory now that 90s fashion looks are back in. When it comes to rocking the printed T-shirt look, slogan tees or old band shirts are the real treasures.

How to Style: Printed T-shirts can easily speak for themselves. I like pairing printed tees with more sophisticated clothing to create a cool contrast. To get this look, style your printed T-shirt with trousers or tailored black jeans and a dress shoe. Optional: place a blazer, sport coat, or knit cardigan overtop. I like when guys tuck their printed tees into the front of their pants so that it shows off their belt or the hemline of their denim. If you are not into mixing a T-shirt with more dressy clothing, style it to be a super 90s kid look. Pair your printed tee with light or dark washed vintage looking denim and roll the hems into cuffs. Add a denim jacket or flannel overtop if you want an extra layer on this look. Also, I really love the look of printed T-shirts worn under denim overalls. Overalls are great on guys because they have a relaxed vibe and make your shoulders look broad while also showing off your biceps… F.Y.I. the chicks dig broad shoulders & biceps (if you frequently skip bicep/tricep day, overalls are probably not your best choice).

Monsieur Jeromeprinted1teeblogoveralls


Where to Buy: The authentic printed T-shirt merchandise from 90s band tours are most likely hiding in your local thrift store. However, you can get a lot of stylish printed T-shirts at stores like Urban OutfittersASOS, and PacSun. I pulled out a few of the shirts that I liked and placed them below.

If you’re against the Lady Gaga shirt than you just gave me a Million Reasons to let you go. Gaga is always a good jam.


UO Lady Gaga Joanne Tee $28
UO Wood Wood Seal Tee $75
Metallica Black Split T-shirt $27.95
UO Lil Uzi Vert Tee $28

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