Prom Hacks

  1. Get some High Heel Protectors- Solemates High Heeler is a plastic covering that goes on the bottom of you stiletto to prevent your heel from sinking into grass and dirt. This is a MUST HAVE for prom because you will be walking through parks for pictures. I of all people know that it is not easy, nor fun to walk through grass and have your heel sink with every step. Buy a pair of these for $12, they are reusable and they will save your pumps. high heel

2. Fashion Tape- Hollywood Fashion Tape is a double sided clear tape that adheres onto fabric and skin. This easy to use tape will save you from wardrobe malfunctions throughout your night. Typically, I use this if my dress is cut in a way that shows some side boob or has a deep V neck line. Sticking the fabric to my skin in these places ensures me that I will not show any more than I am meaning to. You can get fashion tape at several different places, including Target for about $9fashion tape

3. Shoe Inserts- I swear by these. I wear pumps a lot… and for long periods of time. My favorite inserts to put into my pumps are from ALDO.  I usually bring my new stilettos and have an employee insert the Gel Insoles $9.99  for me because I suck at those kinds of things. These babies will make sure that your foot does not start sliding around in your stiletto as the night goes on and your feet start to sweat and stretch out the shoe. I make sure that every pair of pumps I audition in or walk the runway in have these so I do not have to worry about my foot slipping out. Also, always buy the gel ones because they will last longer and get less gross than the foam inserts. gel insoles

4. Pasties or “Sticky Boobs”- For most modeling jobs and other occasions that I have to wear a dress for, I don’t wear a bra. Luckily, I can get away with this a bit more than other girls. If your dress is backless or just revealing in general around the neckline and back, pasties or “sticky boobs” will save your life. I personally use pasties a lot because they are easy stickers that cover you to prevent any nip slips. These are the kind that I wear Breast Petals $6. I wear breast petals more because I have smaller boobs that do not always need the support of a bra. A lot of my friends really love the “sticky boobs” and the NuBra $40 is one of the more popular styles. Get this one if you have bigger boobs or want to make your boobs look bigger in your dress. You can wear either, it is all about what makes you feel the most comfortable!

These are awesome hacks for Prom or any occasion that you need to be dressed up for. I hope that these simple things will make your night run more smoothly. Let me know if you found any of these to be helpful!

P.S. don’t ask about the male models wearing sheer hooded capes behind me because I really didn’t get it either… For extra practice before your event, walk in your heels around the house or wear them out somewhere! If you get really good, you can walk the runway pretty much blindfolded like I am in that picture.. but that’s kinda advanced.


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I am a 21-year-old from Tulsa that is engulfed in a world of fashion. From modeling, styling, and writing about fashion I can say that I have lots of knowledge concerning the fashion industry. I am continuing to follow my passion of fashion at FIDM in Los Angeles, and plan to graduate December of 2018. I have big dreams of making my mark on the fashion industry. Eventually I hope my career allows me to live in Manhattan working in the industry that I love, and giving me the opportunity to travel the world for fashion weeks and other fashion related ventures.

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