10 Things Guys Need to Buy From Zara Now

  1. zarasneaker
    White Sneakers with Floral Embroidery $59.90

    These sneakers are so hot right now because they are the classic white sneaker that we all love, but with an added touch of embroidery. Embroidery is huge now and I am loving the blue hue these embroidered flowers add to this sneaker. Don’t let these sneakers intimidate you, they will go with everything just like a plain white sneaker would… only these ones will make you look 10X cooler (fact check me, I dare you). Plus, these are a similar style to the GUCCI sneakers, and who doesn’t want to walk around in something that looks like a GUCCI sneaker? Exactly.. 

    vintage jeans
    Zara Vintage Jeans $49.90

    Vintage looking jeans are what are the cool kids are wearing right now and I am sure they would approve of this pair. The light blue shading of this jean is really nice because it will look good with either a dark or light top. You can wear this jean as more of a statement denim due to it’s rugged aesthetic and color. If you are in the market for a light wash jean buy this pair! 



    Coral #palmsprings Shirt $49.90
    Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring 2017



    So this shirt may not be every guy’s cup of tea, but I say that those guys are too afraid to venture out in their style choices. From the front, this shirt is a classic button up with a front pocket. The back makes the shirt with its embroidered flamingo palm tree scene. When I look at this shirt, it reminds me of Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2017 Menswear collection (on the right). The style and cut is the same as Louis Vuitton’s and they both have a bold look. If you want to look like you’re fresh off of the Louis Vuitton runway (who the hell wouldn’t?), then you NEED this shirt.


    Lightweight Sweatshirt $39.90

    This sweatshirt was made for that really annoying time in Spring where you still need a light jacket most of the time. I love the cut on the side of this sweater, the V cut on the sides of men’s shirts has definitely been a big trend lately. The shirt also has a little bit of the distressed look that we all pay lots of money for because we can’t throw our clothes in with our morning kale smoothie… it’s a bummer.


    Bandana $9.90

    If you read my last blog on men’s style, I mentioned how I want to see more guys pulling off the bandana neck tie… I wasn’t kidding. Bandanas are fun because there are so many things you can do with them! Guys, if you’re not bold enough to put it around your neck, wrap it around your ankle and pair it with some cool jeans and simple tee. You can get bandanas in lots of different colors for whatever look you’re trying to achieve. Personally, I prefer the navy, red, and olive colored bandanas.


    Camouflage Sweater $35.90

    Camo is always a great choice. This short sleeve sweater is perfect for spring 2017. Elevate a simple pair of jeans by throwing this sweater on and lacing up some white sneakers. I’ll give you extra credit if you can pattern mix by tying a bandana around your ankle. This shirt has a great boxy cut that will allow you to show off the waistline and top detailing on your jeans. 



    Striped Bermuda Shorts $39.90

    I feel like men’s shorts are a sensitive topic for summer because SO MANY guys buy the worst shorts ever. PSA: get rid of all of your Chubbies, they are taking you nowhere in life. I like these shorts because of the relaxed fit and stripes. These also have a drawstring waistband making them really comfortable and nice for street style. Also, the stripes on this short gives an elongating elusion if you want to look like you have longer legs… but I doubt guys really care or think about that.  


    fleecy bomber.jpg
    Fleecy Bomber Jacket $129

    I know that the whole fleece collar thing is sometimes hard for guys to get past, my brother won’t even touch them. With that being said, they will make you look like a king of street style. The guys that don’t understand the fleece detail or just hate it in general, probably don’t know how to dress themselves anyways… However, the fleece on this bomber is DETACHABLE!! If you’re going somewhere where you want the black leather to stand out more than the fleece, then just take it off. This bomber is incredible, someone buy it and then let me wear it in my own outfits.


    oversized denim.jpg
    Oversized Denim Jacket $79.90

    If you haven’t noticed, jean jackets are kind of a big deal. This one is super 90’s with its coloring and oversized fit. If you already own other jean jackets you can still get this one because of its unique fit. I like the medium wash denim jackets for men the best as they are the easiest to pair with other items. To the guys that have not lost their denim jacket virginity yet- that’s honestly so embarrassing… but this jacket would be perfect for your first!


    fabric backpack.jpg
    Vintage Look Fabric Backpack $69.90

    This backpack is for the style boy that’s on the go. It is a reasonable size so you’re actually able to carry a good amount of stuff without it taking over your entire back. The cloth/ leather mix on this creates a really cool contrast that I am very into it. Spoiler alert: the buckles are for decoration. It’s actually a zip close and then the straps have hidden buttons on the backside. Wear this backpack around the city or around your college campus.




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