ColourPop It!


If you haven’t tried ColourPop’s cosmetic products yet, you need to! ColourPop is an online only cosmetic line that specializes in bright fun colors. This company’s target market are young women, as all of their products are very affordable. If you do not like spending $30 on a single product, but want to keep up with the makeup trends, ColourPop is your answer. Get great products in every possible shade without breaking the bank. This company offers products for the face, brows, eyes, and lips. It is literally a one stop shop, however, they do not have foundation. Pray to the ColourPop gods that they come out with a foundation soon.

My personal favorite products:

Ultra Matte Lips: This lip product is incredible! It comes in every shade possible so that you can pull off a pretty girl look or go full on punk with it. This formula stays on super well. It is a little drying for me (my lips are in constant need of chapstick), but others do not share this same problem.

“Friday” Ultra Matte Lip $6
“Bianca” Ultra Matte Lip $6


Pearlized Highlighter: Highlighter is my favorite step in my everyday beauty routine and ColourPop has the best options for fun colors. They have basic highlighters that will give your face some natural looking light, but they also have tinted ones if you want to play around with a little color. This product can be layered so that you can go for a more natural look or full on BAM! highlight. Here’s a few colors:

“Lunch Money” Pearlized Highlighter $8
“Hippo” Pearlized Highlighter $8








Super Shock Shadow: For my eyeshadow lovers out there, these were made for you. The pigment in these shadows is awesome. Perfect colors for any kind of look you want to achieve. The formula stays on well and the color looks even better on. They’re so fun to play with and mix to create unique beauty looks! Check out these cool shades below:

“Liberty” Super Shock Shadow $5


“Wattles” Super Shock Shadow $5
“Porter” Super Shock Shadow $5








I know you’re already falling in love with these products, and are wondering what other amazing products you can buy from ColourPop. Go online now and start adding their products to your cart like it’s your birthday! I mean what better way to celebrate your Friday then by purchasing a ton of new cosmetic products?? I honestly cannot think of anything better. Make sure you check out all of their other products, I promise you will find something that you want. They also offer free shipping on $30, so I ask you: What is stopping you woman!?




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I am a 21-year-old from Tulsa that is engulfed in a world of fashion. From modeling, styling, and writing about fashion I can say that I have lots of knowledge concerning the fashion industry. I am continuing to follow my passion of fashion at FIDM in Los Angeles, and plan to graduate December of 2018. I have big dreams of making my mark on the fashion industry. Eventually I hope my career allows me to live in Manhattan working in the industry that I love, and giving me the opportunity to travel the world for fashion weeks and other fashion related ventures.

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