How to Find Your Signature Perfume

A woman’s perfume says more about her than anything that she could wear. According to some of the most renowned designers:

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” -Coco Chanel

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” -Christian Dior

These famous quotes could not be any more true. I am a firm believer in starting a perfume collection and figuring out your signature scent at a young age. Once you find the perfect perfume that plays well on your skin, wear it for life. Scent is one way that people create a memory, so you want them to always think of you when they smell your signature perfume.

Tips for finding the perfume that is best for you:

-INVEST: Your perfume should be expensive. Pick perfumes that range around $100 for 1.7oz or 50mL.

-TRY IT ON: Perfumes smell different on different people, never buy a perfume after merely spraying it on the tester strip.

-UNDERSTAND FRAGRANCE FAMILIES: Perfumes are divided into categories based on their scents. Typically, the four main categories are floral, fresh, warm and spicy, and woody and earthy. These categories do break down further into more specific groups, but it’s more important to know where you fall in the four broader categories.

-STICK TO YOUR FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Once you find a perfume that you love, stay in that fragrance family when looking to find other perfumes that work on you.

-PURCHASE EAU DE PARFUM: Eau de parfum is the highest concentration to buy in a spray form. Stay away from eau de toilette as it is less concentrated and won’t last as long.

 A few of my favorite perfumes:

I prefer scents in the floral category because they compliment my skin and they last all day on me. Floral perfumes are also a better representation of my personality and persona communicated through a scent.

Enjoy my favorites from each family! All of the perfumes recommended below are eau de parfums. I hope you give some of these amazing perfumes a try and that you find your signature scent. You’ll know it’s your scent when the boys will not quit trying to smell you… that one is your winner, stick with it for life!



Dior Addict $94
Gucci Guilty Intense $94










Cartier Baiser Vole Fraiche $98
Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme $94









Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium $90
Tom Ford White Suede $225











Chanel Chance $94
Miss Dior $94




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I am a 21-year-old from Tulsa that is engulfed in a world of fashion. From modeling, styling, and writing about fashion I can say that I have lots of knowledge concerning the fashion industry. I am continuing to follow my passion of fashion at FIDM in Los Angeles, and plan to graduate December of 2018. I have big dreams of making my mark on the fashion industry. Eventually I hope my career allows me to live in Manhattan working in the industry that I love, and giving me the opportunity to travel the world for fashion weeks and other fashion related ventures.

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