Power of Pointed Toe Pumps

Pointed toe pumps serve many wonderful purposes to us women. This is a shoe that is formal, sexy, intimidating, stylish, and professional all at once. I do believe that of all high heels, pointed toe pumps are the best to buy. Pointed toe pumps can be worn year-round, unlike sandal or peep toe heels. A great thing about buying pumps with a pointed toe is that the point actually elongates your leg. The elongation gives your legs a gorgeous slimming effect. Outfits will always look sleeker and even more expensive when paired with a pointed toe pump. This heel can be worn with anything and everything! I recommend buying them in the basic neutrals such as black and nude for the most optimal amount of wear. Black and nude are great colors because they can be worn daily or nightly to complement every ensemble. Investing in well made pointed toe pumps in these neutrals will serve you for a long time, saving you money in grand scheme of things. If you are of the minimalist shopper mind, having this heel in black and nude would be the only heels that you would ever need to have in your closet.  These pumps also have no age restriction. A pointed toe pump will look elegant on a sixty-year-old woman as well as a woman that is twenty-seven. Simply put, pointed toe pumps are timeless heels; thus, they are the only heels one truly needs in their closet.

Sam Edelman Tells D’Orsay Pump $120
Gianvito Rossi Suede Pumps $675
Steve Madden Pardee Pump $100.
Jimmy Choo Anouk Pump $595 

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I am a 21-year-old from Tulsa that is engulfed in a world of fashion. From modeling, styling, and writing about fashion I can say that I have lots of knowledge concerning the fashion industry. I am continuing to follow my passion of fashion at FIDM in Los Angeles, and plan to graduate December of 2018. I have big dreams of making my mark on the fashion industry. Eventually I hope my career allows me to live in Manhattan working in the industry that I love, and giving me the opportunity to travel the world for fashion weeks and other fashion related ventures.

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